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Thanks to Adriana’s skilled coaching, I had a philosophical breakthrough that changed the direction of our business development plan. The new direction has had a positive impact on my job satisfaction and on our bottom line."
Carrie Thurston, Owner/Marketing Director
Castine Candle Company
I have had the pleasure of working with Adriana Bellerose for over 25 years. For the past 15 years, Adriana partnered with me to build two highly successful national business process outsourcing companies. Both companies were private equity sponsored with a key focus on acquisitions and organic expansion as part of its strategy.
In her role of SVP of HR and OD, Adriana was an intricate part of a highly effective senior management team that executed a high growth strategy in both companies. In each case, she was responsible for HR compliance, training and organizational development as well acquisition due diligence. Her in-depth experience as an HR/OD professional was key to our ability to build two very unique cultures that were able to attract and retain high caliber employees and integrate acquired organizations.
Throughout my time working with Adriana, I enjoyed and appreciated her trust, loyalty and thoughtful insight. She is a true partner!
Charlie Lathrop, Former Chairman, President & CEO CompuPay Inc.
Advantage Payroll Services Inc.
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